About Us

Lanrocks is a graduate of University of Benin. Studied accounting. He's worked in a financial institution. But he is an ICT specialistwho love to impact lives in various way. He finds internet as an avenue to reach out to more people around the world. 

Lanrocks Oges blog was created purposely to impact lives and to develop people with positive mind set. Lanrocks believes that the world will be a better place to live if everyone knows what to do at every point in time. 

That is the reason why this platform was created to renew peoples mind on a daily basis, and also to bring hope to the hopeless.

What We Do:
  • We deliver quality research  information 
  • We are Information and Communication Technology professionals in diverse programmes. like Web design/Web Development, CCNA, CompTIA a+/ Network +, Application programming, Training/Seminars.
You can reach us for more information on:

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