HELLO!! You Have a Message

I woke this morning with grieving in my heart so I turned off the light and plugged the earphones to my mp3 in my ear, I knew it was time to have an alone time with him as I haven’t done in a while. I stood before him but my heart reverenced him so I fell on my knees. I began to speak in a language I knew only him would understand and I began to cry as I casted my burdens at his feet. I cried so much and I knew he was with me, I knew I am so unworthy of his love, of the life he has given me.
Who am I? Am I not nothing but dust? Who am I? Am I not nothing but breath? Who am I that from birth He keeps saving me from unknown enemies. Who am I to deserve the health has given to me? I mean, those in the hospital are no worse than I am. He loves us so much, ye, we spit at his face each time, what an insult! We only go to him when we need his help, what a shame. He allowed himself to be nailed to a cross and he gave up his life, what more do we want?

You know, sometimes I know the question f if God truly exists runs through your mind. It used to run through mine too but I have gone past that stage because I know this truth: There is a supernatural force that works for us and I choose to name it God. I mean, when I see God’s chosen men raise the dead, heal the blind and see the cripple get up from their wheel chairs, I know Jesus is so real to me. The Holy Spirit gives me strange ideas and I know it’s him. I have never for one day picked my pen to write without my partner, the Holy Spirit…and we always pull it off!

It aches my heart that we keep hurting the one who truly loves us. Who amongst your family can give up his life freely for you? I cried and I have surrendered my life to Jesus in a total way. Yes, I have been born again since, but then I realized I was still in control of my life so today I have told him to take over. I want to be a confirmed fool for him, even slave for him. I want to be just all about him. He is so amazing, so loving, and so true; he is the best thing that has happened to me. He saved me from death in 2007 and he can save you too. If you are sick and they’ve told you that you have limited time t live, the doctor has no report about you. What does he know except what he has been taught or read in books? But God, He created you, formed you-He has your spare parts! He can replace that faulty kidney with a new one, he can give you a stronger heart, he can remove the cancer, he can change the SS to AA, He can bring back that husband you’ve lost for years, he can give you joy, he can give you that out of this world idea that would bring you a financial fortune! It’s not about the riches, its about wealth coz when you’re wealthy, you have not just the money but the resources. Other people can build a life through yours!

The devil is a liar and makes you think God doesn't hear your cries. He s hearing it and he is crying with you saying, “I can hear you…I am with you…I can see the end…please me” God can see your end and it’s beautiful, all those challenges are to make you stronger and make you dependent on him. God doesn't need what you have, he wants you! He is satisfied with you1 He wants to be there for you but you've got to believe when he says he sent his son to you, you’ve got to believe when he says he loves you. God is not far away from you, he is in you! He watches over you when you sleep, when you’re about to cross the highway, or sign the wrong deal. He is there every step of the way. He has brought you this far and now you are logged in to face book reading this for a reason. It is no coincidence. He has given me this message in my heart for you that you are his child, he is your father, your friend, your God and he will defend you. He says he has never forsaken you and never will. He says you should wipe your tears that he is with you. He says it aches to see you cry. He says your torment is for your testimony. He says you should truly seek him and you will find him. He says he loves you so much and he longs for the day you'd say it to him and really mean it. He says he wishes you’d stick with him in both the good and bad times (Most of us fail this test). He says he perfectly molded you and if you are truly in him, the devil cannot molest you. He says he has given you the sweet Holy Spirit to be your friend and to give you ideas and inventions but you grieve his heart. He says you should come to him again so that when he comes to take his own he can recognize you. He says to tell you he can give you everything you need; its all part of your destiny. He says to tell you that he is not a wicked God as some liars say. He says the media and philosophers have told all sort against him but those who truly know him can testify that he is God. God is nut a hard nut to crack, he is the easiest to please when you understand his ways.

Dear friend, God loves you-are you truly in him? He is not a fake, He is the truth. He respects your choices so much that he doesn't force himself on you. As big as he is, he is pleading that you come. He is waiting. Just run like a child into his arms like I did this morning and he'll embrace you tight. You need him, he doesn't need you! You have a choice to ignore this message or not but blessed are those that allow their hearts be blessed by this and pass it on.

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